Our themed workshops can incorporate any subject, industry or career option in addition to featuring specific topics or social issues. In preparation for the workshop or service progrogramme our team communicates with the school to identify any specific areas of interest that they wish to be addressed. Once identified we will adapt our session where possible to accommodate any themes.

“I really enjoyed the engineering session. I didn’t think Art would be so important in building physical structures!”Sarah Y10 Nunthorpe Academy

Our workshops link the National Curriculum to the world of work by highlighting how core subjects can be used in a real-life environment. By bridging the gap between theory and practice pupils grow to appreciate the syllabus and develop enthusiasm for progression and lifelong learning. Upon completion learners have increased awareness of the industry, the career possibilities within the industries and how they might progress to similar roles.

“Mentoring Professional forced pupils to think about where they want to be next, about their GCSE studies and how they will achieve their goals in the future”.
Mrs L Ovens – Assistant Headteacher, High Tunstall College of Science

Sample Outlines

Every session contains:

  • Themed Icebreaker
  • Practical 1
  • Theoretical Concept
  • Practical 2
  • Progression exercise
  • Feedback

Forensic Investigation

Subjects: Biology, Physics, Chemistry, English, Maths and Psychology.

Learners are introduced to crime and criminology before exploring mock scenes where they are required to complete the evidence collection and documentation process. Pupils will identify potential evidence and reconstruct a scene to determine whether they believe a crime has been committed. This session may involve bone exploration, fingerprint identification and recover, crime scene reconstruction, mock-court or digital forensic investigation.

Exploring Enterprise

Subject Feature: English, History, Maths, Sociology and Business

This workshop allows pupils to develop their own ideas under the supervision of industry professionals. After an introduction to business strategy, pupils apply the theory by exploring existing products and services designed to push their understanding of every-day household items; they will explore competitive advantage through marketing and human resource management.


Digital Industries

Subject Feature: Business, Design Technology and English

Pupils explore the diversity in digital opportunity by learning about the scope of digital industries. This can be a computing or paper based workshop featuring deign, development and coding, digital marketing, public relations, international business… The list goes on. Pupils will begin by exploring the reality of a digital environment before designing their own campaign, graphic or web page.

Health and Social Care

Subject Feature: Biology, Health and Social Care, Sociology, Religion and PSHE

This session explores the transition from biomedical to psycho-social care and the opportunities that exist in contemporary healthcare. Pupils will consider how environmental factors including lifestyle and socio-economic variables can impact an individual and their family.


Financial Intelligence

Subject Feature: Maths, Business, Sociology, PSHE and Psychology

This workshop allows pupils to explore tangible documentation from past and current companies. Learners analyse the data to identify weaknesses and investment opportunities taking into account PESTEL factors and historic factors. The session requires a grasp of social and environmental factors in addition to English and numeracy.

Fashion Fusion

Subject Feature: Art, Design, English, Media and Maths

The Fashion industry boasts a plethora of opportunities from design and innovation to manufacturing and distribution; in this session pupils will explore the production and sales process before using their own research to design their own garments. Style is based on current seasonal and trend factors. Upon completion pupils can keep their items.



Subject Feature: Art, Design and Media

The built environment is dependant on the combined efforts from multiple engineering disiplines. In this session pupils will learn about the different engineering fields and explore one in depth. Workshop features include roads, bridges, coastal erosion, electronics, mechanisms and physical structures.

Media Production

Subject Feature: Art, Design and Media

In addition to learning about the production process, vision and story-board generation process, pupils compose and produce their own short films. Learners work to industry expectation and style their productions according to a ‘client brief’. Upon completion pupils will have a short film to showcase to friends and family.