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Providing Insight through Experience and Success

Tutors possess a broad range of experience and skills developed across various industries and sectors. All tutors complete an introductory teaching awareness session prior to being accepted as a Mentoring Professional Tutor and careers workshops are evaluated and approved for suitability and differentiation before delivery.

Every Tutor completes, develops and submits…

  • Our Training and Development Programme
  • Unique teaching and learning material
  • A current DBS (CRB) Certificate

Each tutor typically operates around their existing professional role and commitments. Whether, full-time, part-time, contractor or self employed, each tutor maintains their professional practice. This enables individuals to work collaboratively with Mentoring Professional while continuing their primary function or role.

Take a look at our Sample Tutors…

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James | Advertising

James is responsible for planning, buying and delivering media campaigns for clients across numerous industries including retail, leisure, automotive and entertainment. With a strong sales background, James’ skill-set has evolved to include digital media communication and he has a wealth of experience in social media and search engine marketing.

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Grace | Brand Manager Fashion

Grace’s brand began as an online retailer, buying and selling vintage stock. How she owns her own retail unit and has expanded her range to include bespoke designs and accessories. Her team has grown year on year and she now utilises multiple distribution channels.

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Adam | Creative Director

“I’m responsible for turning client ideas into interacting digital platforms; no matter the function of the interface it’s my job to ensure functionality in accordance with clients’ goals and objectives. I work with individuals and companies of all shapes on sizes.”

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Jen | Occupational Therapist

“I never appreciated the application of English Language, being able to support or defend your arguments with the use of appropriate language is essential in a professional environment. I wish I’d taken the time to advance my skills earlier. The most valuable experience was probably Biology for anatomy, but IT and Design Technology are equally as essential in my role.”

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Kim | Entrepreneur

“Having gained insight into the creative industries from my earlier success as a singer, I learnt how dedication, teamwork and communication were essential for creating something of quality. I advocate you get involved in as many clubs and teams as possible, in addition to your homework. I learnt how to design posters and flyers from a young age by promoting my band!”

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Graeme | Wellsite Geologist

Graeme spends most of his professional life travelling to visit industrial dig sites around the globe. His role involves the planning, designing and supervision of drilling, plus the responsibility to assure than any and all geographic data collected is accurate and reliable.

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Iraa | Graphic Designer

Iraa completed her undergraduate degree, specialising in Public Relations before starting her own consultancy. In recent years her skills have diversified significantly enabling her to start her own company. Her skills are broad but she specialises in visual communication and digital illustration.

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Mark | Business Consultant

“Success requires tenacity and dedication. In my experience one of the toughest elements is motivation. Whether you work for yourself or you’re building from scratch, your progress and profit is dependent on the amount of hours you devote to your target. Believe in yourself and believe in your product.”

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Alexandra | Solicitor

Alexandra works largely with SME’s across the UK but primarily within the North East. Her average week consists of drafting correspondence and pleadings, meeting with clients and counsel and attending court. Alexandra also regularly attends training seminars and networking events across the region.

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Steven | Web Developer

Steven is responsible for building and maintaining the structure of the websites he manages in addition to the control and moderation of content. Steven is often the first point of contact for customers and meets regularly to develop concepts and ideas. He is the digital architect for clients’ creative goals.

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Anna | Market Researcher

Anna is responsible for the collection and analysis of information for a company’s strategic development and growth. She identifies competitors, collects data, generates reports, and prepares presentations while liaising with clients to target opportunities while building dynamic competitive advantage.

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Phil | Business Manager

“I’m primarily responsible for maintaining the daily operations of the company, from recruitment and training to sales and marketing; I maintain our website, client communications and contracts while supervising each delivery team and our bank of consultant staff.”

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Yewande | Innovation Scientist

“The most valuable part of school was being able to study multiple subjects simultaneously. Though Biology forms the basis for my work, I can’t get through a day without applying a combination of subjects. I was surprised how how many of the transferable skills I started to develop in school, now play an integral part to my role.”

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Peter | Civil Engineer

Peter has significant experience in Civil Engineering and related industries. Working locally, nationally and internationally, Peter has been a vital member of projects around the globe. His input on projects such as the New Tyne Crossing, Transport for London and Strategic Highway design across Europe has resulted in successful management and completion of multiple designs.

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Andy | General Practitioner

“It’s vital to consider your options at the earliest opportunity, take the chance to explore and experience things you’re interested in. Planning for the future never stops, even after becoming a doctor there are numerous training extensions to consider, decisions that need to be taken long before the deadlines.”

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Jess | Fashion Merchandiser

Jess works alongside the buyers and designers who collectively develop the clothing ranges we see throughout the high street, in shopping centres and online. Her role involves ensuring that the right products are available in the right place at the right time. Jess analyses performance to increase sales while minimising markdown spend.

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Chris | Filmmaker

Chris spends much of his time out on site, looking for suitable shooting locations, designing productions, coordinating actors and filming. The rest of his time is spent capturing and editing footage, negotiating with clients and editing his work. Chris is responsible for every aspect of his work plus the coordination of private contractors he employs for specialised tasks.

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Mele | Nurse

Mele works with a broad variety of individuals both young and old with a diverse range of health conditions. She manages numerous priorities and uses caring, counselling, teaching and all aspects of interpersonal skills to improve the quality of patients’ lives, sometimes in difficult situations.