What we do

Mentoring Professional works collaboratively with industry professionals, schools and colleges to design and deliver interactive careers themed workshops. Our professional tutors enter schools and deliver customised sessions which enhance the syllabus by linking the national curriculum to professional application. Every tutor introduces themselves, the industry they work in and how progressed from compulsory eduction to their current occupation.

How it works

Mentoring Professional workshops enable learners to discover how academic skills can be applied in different industries. Each session incorporates a taught skill relative to the professional and their industry; pupils then complete a practical problem solving exercise designed to mimic the role of the respective professional in industry.

Meet Anthony

Anthony is a qualified accountant who works as a Tutor in addition to managing business clients across the North East. He recently delivered a finance workshop that allowed pupils to explore financial accounts while evaluating sample businesses for financial stability and attractiveness; pupils combined maths, business and PSHE to complete the scenario challenge.

Every workshop incorporates a thought theoretical concept which the tutor links directly to their current role in industry, thereby linking theory to professional practice; tutors work to engage, inspire and motivate pupils to think about their education choices and potential careers options.


Every Workshop…

  • Starts with an introduction to the professional’s industry, what their role involves and their responsibilities.
  • Contains a taught theoretical element that links the national curriculum to practical application.
  • Features a mock practical task, designed to mimic the role of the professional in industry.
  • Enables learners to explore professionals training and the necessary education required to obtain a similar position.
  • Concludes with questions, answers and a short quiz.


Workshops are delivered as part of a service package, a service package consists of a single or multiple workshops designed to meet predetermined learning objectives. Each workshop is bespoke and relates to the respective tutor. Learning material can be tailored to address a specific subject, industry or career. A typical service package will consist of multiple workshops delivered simultaneously or consecutively by appropriate tutors to the desired subjects or industries.

Each tutor is like-minded in that they hope to share their successes and skills with the younger generations. Each professional works in collaboration to develop a bespoke workshop that links their capabilities to the national curriculum.

Every session is adaptable to the appropriate academic levels, from KS3 or KS4 to FE and HEI. There are no prerequisites for our workshops as they can be delivered and singular, ‘stand-alone’ sessions; alternatively they are available as programmes which run over 6, 8 and 10 weeks. Where possible, reasonable accommodation will be made to support pupils with special requirements or statements.