Mentoring Professional is all about enhancing the syllabus by animating the National Curriculum. We deliver bespoke workshops to both schools and college across the North East. Every workshop introduces a professional role and illustrates which skills (subjects) the professional uses to complete their role; bridging the gap between theory and practice. We employ and train current industry professionals as the tutors to deliver the workshops. Throughout every workshop pupils will learn the vital skills and qualifications needed to succeed in a certain area whilst also hearing about real-life experiences from the tutor. Each workshop promotes engagement, employability and enthusiasm for lifelong learning.


  • Increase pupil satisfaction and engagement
  • Raise the standards of achievement and progression
  • Improve career and industry awareness
  • Encourage further and higher education and training
  • Promote equality, ethics and cultural awareness

At Mentoring Professional we believe in furthering the development of the young people in our communities by encouraging and supporting their learning, in and out-side of the national curriculum. Every workshop is designed to support the syllabus while encouraging pupils to explore extra-curricular groups, teams and societies.

By positioning a Mentoring Professional Tutor in your classrooms, you can animate the national curriculum and enthuse learning now and in the future.

Mission Statement

Mentoring Professional Ltd. exists to increase motivation and achievement for young people by providing awareness about professional opportunities. The communication of transferable skills enables learners to link academic subjects to professional application, promoting retention by bridging the gap between theory and practice. By animating the national curriculum, Mentoring Professional encourages young people to explore further education and training, thereby increasing opportunities and broadening the future skilled workforce across the UK. While increasing awareness of the world of work, students interact with professionals from a range of industries and sectors, exploring destinations and evaluating options.